The company

Over 30 years of experience

With more than 30 years’ experience, Officine Di Giacopo SA provides a reliable, high-quality service. Our flexibility and on-time execution of orders always distinguished our company, so we are the most suitable partner in solving your problems.


Our history

Turning Officine di Giacopo



Officine Di Giacopo was established in Quartino by Paolo Di Giacopo in 1986. The company grew from a one-man operation to a family business with 12 permanent employees.



Trasformation into a SA (Joint-stock Company)

The number of customers increases thanks to the quality and reliability of our products. This allowed us in 1999 to transform the one-man company into a joint-stock company.



New and larger company building

On 01.01.2003, we relocated our premises in Quartino to a new, larger building in Riazzino, suitable for the new production needs required by the market.



ISO 9001 certification

The fact that all of our departments comply with ISO standards is testament to our ethos of putting the client first. We see ISO Certification as confirmation that our processes meet the highest standards in terms of quality, true to our commitment to customer satisfaction. In addition, ISO Certification means that we are committed to constantly reviewing and improving our processes, services and service orientation.



EN 15085-2 certification

In 2014 we achieved an ambitious goal and we obtained certification to the welding standard DIN EN 15085-2, CL4 by Swiss Association for Welding Technique – ASS, field of application: purchase and resale of components with certification level CL1, scope: components and rail vehicle parts with certification level CL1. With these certifications and our corporate culture, we are able to meet the demanding requirements and expectations of our customers in the european rail transport industry and in all other sectors.



We are an established reality

Our company to improve its quality standards is equipped with management software with 100% traceability and 3D modeling software – CAD CAM. Today our company is now a solid and efficient reality. Its strengths as a small business consist of its high flexibility to satisfy all customer needs.

Machinery Precision Mechanical Workshops

Our company policy

Our company policy is solely aimed at achieving the highest quality in every aspect of organization and production, in order to fully meet the expectations of the customer. Among our values is compliance with current legislation and regulations, such as EN15085 in the railway sector, all in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001.

The team

Our staff is at your disposal to help you at every stage of production:

Paolo Di Giacopo

General Manager

Tanja Schaufelberger Di Giacopo

Manager RDQ
Management, Administration

Luca Di Giacopo

Head of Workshop and Head of Apprentices
Technical Direction, Safety, Quality Management

Daniel Schaufelberger

Sales & Purchases
Customers, Warehouse, Quality Management
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Il rispetto dell'ambiente è importante per noi.

La nostra officina, gli uffici e il magazzino sono riscaldati con una caldaia a pellet. In questo modo vogliamo dare il nostro contributo all’ambiente riducendo le emissioni nocive da carburanti di origine fossile non rinnovabile. 


Respect for the environment is important for us.

Our workshop, offices and warehouse are heated with a pellet boiler. In this way we contribute to the environment by reducing harmful emissions from fossil fuels.